Golden Retriever dog breed

golden retriever

Physical characteristics of the Golden Retriever

The general appearance of the Golden Retriever should be symmetrical, balanced, active, powerful, well aligned in its looks. The expression is of a thoughtful and friendly dog. The head is proportionate and well balanced. The skull is broad but not coarse. The muzzle is strong, broad and deep, with a length equal to that of the skull, with a well defined stop. The eyes should be dark brown, set well apart, with edges of dark eyelids. Ears of moderate size, are attached to approximately eye level. The legs are straight and have good bone, well positioned in the trunk. The tail is set and carried to the height of the back: it comes down to the hock, never bend at the end.
Coat: Flat or wavy with beautiful fringes. Thick and waterproof undercoat.
Color: all shades ranging from gold to cream are allowed, but not red or mahogany.
Size: 56-61 cm for males and 51 to 56 cm for females
Weight: approximately 30 kg

Origins and history

The recognition of the breed is fairly recent, in 1931, but virtually nothing is known of its history. We do not know about that as legends: the most famous tells that in 1858 Lord Tweedmouth bought a Caucasian Shepherds couple in bright dress he had seen work in a circus. At each of their reach, he would have kept the puppies “golden” (gold) to fix the recessive character of the dress. Another theory is that the breed originated from a cross between a Bloodhound (Bloodhound) color sand and water Spaniel now disappeared. Other authors also argue that the progenitor of the breed was us, a yellow dog born from a cross between the Water Spaniel and a Labrador Retriever.

Character and abilities

The Golden Retriever has a  quite exceptional character -  it is perfect with children, gentle and quiet with the elderly. Rugged and durable, it’s a walking companion for the young and of course a valuable aid for the hunter. It is a dog that needs to spend a lot of time with people because it has a great need for human companionship: it feels like a part of the family, that is to say, the “band” in which he lives and wants to play a full part in making himself useful and participating in all the activities. In hunting, it’s a very clever reporter, especially in water.


RetrieverIt is a very sturdy dog. Although Golden Retriever was born for work in water and has a perfectly waterproof coat, it must be dry at the base of the tail when it comes out of the water: otherwise, it may suffer from “broken tail” (broken tail), that is to say, a painful contraction of the abductor muscles which leads the dog to wear his tail incorrectly, just as if it was broken.
Average life expectancy: about 12 years
Living – Either inside or outside.
The Golden Retriever will be happy to live in a house with garden but he knows to settle for apartment life if it came out very often.
Information and tips
“Golden” does not mean “dog in gold dress,” but “gold dog”, “golden rapporteur” in the metaphorical sense. Furthermore, all Golden lack a golden robe, but they are often cream (which is also very beautiful) …