Physical characteristics of the Bulldog

The Bulldog is a very special dog, squat, powerful and massive, short-legged, with great astonishment head relative to its size. The skull shows very pronounced wrinkles; the muzzle is short and crushed. The eyes are round, medium size, located low on the skull and rather wide apart, very dark (almost black). The ears are small, shaped like a rose. Teething is significantly undershot with the mandible which is more advanced than the jaw.
Coat: short, fine and smooth.
Color: the most desirable are red brindle, brindle, beige, pure white, red and variegated. It is essential to avoid fire black and liver.
Size: 30 to 40 cm
Weight: about 25 kg for males and 22.7 for females

Origins and history

He just fighting dogs used in the Middle Ages against the Bulls (hence the name “bull” in English means bull). This is the result of a selection which aimed to create a dog with a powerful bite, very fierce and courageous, insensitive to pain: this unhealthy selection, which sought to produce only “war machines”, was about point completely destroy the race that had become unmanageable due to his excessive ferocity. Thus, the Bulldog was nearly shut down until a group of farmers is interested and began working on his character by removing all traces of aggressiveness. Today the Bulldog is a very friendly pet dog, sweet and quite balanced.
Character and abilities
Out of a painful past, the Bulldog is now a very loving dog, happy living player. It is a perfect companion for children and the elderly, particularly because it does not need lots of exercise and adapts well to a sedentary life. This is however not a “trinket” because he can accompany his master without problems in long walks, when the heat is not too intense. It finds his old aggression that when someone threatens his master or, even more, his children: he is ready to give his life for them. It can become truly formidable, despite its small size, because it still has a steel outlet and is almost insensitive to pain.


It is very heat sensitive because of its short muzzle and crushed: the summer, it should not come out when it’s too hot and should never be left in a hot car (even for a short time). His eyes are very delicate but just monitor and clean regularly to prevent irritation.
Average life expectancy: about 9 years


Always and only within, where he shows quiet and very clean. The only problem is that drool a lot and need to clean it often enough mouth.
Information and tips
He loves his master and should remain as much as possible in his company. This is a dog that is suitable for sedentary or who have an intellectual activity because he loves to lie at the feet of his master while reading or writing, seeming too immersed in deep “meditations”.

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