How to wash your dog effectively

washing a dog
I noticed that many people asked the question: how to wash his dog properly and effectively? I understand that for some of you this may be a difficult time to wash the dog, especially when your pet is not very familiar with the water.

Here are some tips to help you bathe your dog, so this is a good time, not a showdown.

how to wash his chienPréparer equipment to wash his dog

The first step is to bring a suit. You can not go to war without your combat gear. This may seem a bit exaggerated, but it still applies in everyday life, even when it comes to washing his dog.

Be sure to get it right, especially if you wash your dog inside your home. It is important to prepare two bath mat, the first place in the tub so your dog does not slip and break a leg and the second out of the bath.

You can also try putting some plastic bags as garbage bag around you, it is not necessary, but you will definitely save time for cleaning. And they can also protect your equipment from splashing water.

Adjust the water for your dog

It is best to use warm water to give comfort to your dog. Be sure to let the water before your dog enters.

When some dogs hear the water running, it is sometimes possible that fear manifests and prevents the dog from entering the tub, so you should get used to run water in your bathroom in your presence several times a week before it enters the bath.

If you do not have a removable shower head, you can prepare a small seal if your dog is large or cup if your dog is small. This is what you will use to pour water on your pet.

Protect his ears and eyes to prevent water and dog shampoo from entering.

How to wash your dog in the bath?

Before putting your dog in the tub, make sure to brush it to avoid knots. Sometimes the nodes may worsen by wetting the coat and applying the dog shampoo or conditioner, so it is important for you to brush his hair before wet.

If you do not know how to brush a dog, here’s an article on “How to brush your dog with furminator brush“.

You are now ready to put in the bathtub. wear your dog and place it in the bath. Pour water over his head before proceeding to pour water on his body. Be sure to avoid the eyes and nose. If your dog moves energetically said softly, “not move”. If the dog struggles and is trying to resist your attempts to give it a bath, then this may create quite a bit of a mess afterwards. Some dogs even remember to take revenge and they go to the toilet on the carpet or sofa, just to get back at you. In those cases, you might fall in need of a professional cleaning company to help you sort things out. Usually there are a lot of these available so you do not have to search long and hard to find one.

Apply preferably a natural dog shampoo. (Do not use human shampoo or chemical), it is for this reason that there are natural dog shampoos with essential oils.

Shampoo his neck, and body, undercoat and thighs, and down his cock, still talking to him reassuringly. Make sure your hand is placed on your dog to prevent it from shaking the foam. Do not be rude to him, he must feel at ease with you.

Use the shower head to rinse your dog, make sure to cover the eyes and nose. Start with the head and body.

Make sure to rinse your dog. After making the flush, you can now get him out of the tub. You can leave your dog dry in the sun, however, if there is no sun, you can simply wipe with a dry towel, or you can use a hair dryer.

Important Note: Do not fan or radiator set your hot bath or high temperature (bad for the heart ) and avoid putting too close to your dog hairdryer.

It’s best to dry your dog to the towel to avoid burns. Finally, do not let your dog get out, until it is completely dry, especially if it’s cold. In summer, you can enjoy the warmth for watering the pipe, it will be clean and fresh!

That you now know how to wash his dog efficiently!

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