Housebreaking your puppy – does pedigree matter

Housebreaking your puppy is a delicate, yet pretty straightforward process, which will only require you to prepare mentally for it and simply have the necessary patience for the puppy to realize what you require from it. The first and most important rule of housebreaking your puppy is to never punish the puppy as it doesn’t know better yet. You should approach it with the same care you would if you had a baby and it was pooping or peeing in its diapers. The puppies actually have an instinct not to pee or poop in their home or the space they populate. Just like with people, they would have a designated place to do this even in your house once they become older and become self aware of what they’re doing.

We’ve decided to include this video which has all the main concept of housebreaking your puppy and we’re sure that it will serve great as an example.

This video should explain the main reasons why housebreaking a puppy might seem hard at first, but becomes easier as time passes. The fact is that the puppies have the instinct not to do their business inside means that your only role in the housebreaking process is to simply guide them and show them what is appreciated, which will simply speed up the process. Puppy diapers are often used nowadays as not everyone has the time to go out with the puppy 16 times a day and their price isn’t high at all, so you could consider this as an option which will make it easier for both you and the dog.

Does pedigree matter to the housebreaking time

Pedigree isn’t a factor on housebreaking time. After researches have been made and as you can see here  the only way you could increase your dog’s intelligence is through stimulation. There aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to your dogs intelligence and taking time to help it develop skills is the only way to make any process faster. For instance if you start teaching your puppy to sit from an early stage – 2 months for example and them go to another step like lay-down, it will inevitably respond as the brain of a puppy is just like a sponge and absorbs everything. Give your puppy toys and socialize it and the process of housebreaking will become a breeze. Everyone who’s had to teach more than one dog in their lifetime will know that this way you’ll enjoy owning a dog even more. Being more involved in your puppy’s life will benefit you in a number of ways and one of these is the housebreaking process which will go a lot smoother this way.

So don’t look for shortcuts because there aren’t any real shortcuts to proper training, and definitely don’t punish or hit your dog if it takes longer to learn, as it 9 out of 10 cases it will be the owner’s fault that the puppy is learning slower than usual.

Dog pee smell removing

After the dog has already learned how to handle itself and there’s no more need for diapers or anything like that and you’re confident that the peeing inside the house is all over, there are a few options that you could take into consideration. You could either try to clean the mess yourself or simply hire a cleaning company. If you live in the UK, as the bigger part of the audience of the PedigreeSearch, there are a few nationwide options you could explore such as, homejoy or hassle, but the second two haven’t been tested and I’m not sure about the results. After a few of our readers told us good things about Housegleam, we decided to feature them in this post for that simple reason, but there are other ways around this. You could easily pick one of these options instead and save yourself a few quid, but it will take you longer.


Housebreaking isn’t the easiest process you’ll will have to deal with when your puppy is young or during it’s whole life as a matter of fact, but it could be a lot easier if you follow the instructions of people that know what they’re talking about such as Cesar Milan for example. Continue reading the PedigreeSearch website and we’ll have a lot more fun and educating articles for new dog owners of any breed with or without a pedigree.

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