8 tips for using toys to play with your dog

One day I received a question from a teacher who asked me, how do I get my dog to become a good player with its toys. Please bear in mind that some companions like playing excessively ways and others do not. Personally, I have been fortunate to have an extreme player dog but that is not the case for everyone.

Sometimes some dogs refuse completely to play with toys and are satisfied only with a food reward…

However, there are a few tricks to teach your dog to become a player with its toy, but still need to know which toys really are interesting to it and how many hours a day are you willing to invest and play with.

How to choose the perfect toy for his dog?

Generally speaking, there is no need to have a huge collection of toys. So it’s up to you to analyze which toy stands out in the mind of your pet.

Test well, there always is one! It could be a ball, a Frisbee, mini pudding, a stuffed dog, a toy that makes noise, a toy that makes soap bubbles, a kong, a tire, a jet pistol for dogs who like water, a stick, a ball, a node … in short there is a multitude of toys that could satisfy your animal is up to you to take the time to search and find the right one.

If you have a dog who likes to chew, so opt for a tire, a ball, a ball …

Dogs are not all the same, take the example of the famous English Bulldog Tillman, his greatest reward was skateboarding as to be known worldwide.

As you can see in the video cam that this dog was rolling object, but imagine for a moment that the same owner since childhood would initiate another Bulldog on Skateboard, do you believe it would be as buff as Tillman? Personally I doubt!

To tell you that every dog his favorite toy. In my case, my dog ​​loved to play only frisbee, he became gaga nothing to see! But remember this does not mean that yours will also look at this toy, ACCEPTANCE OR REFUSAL to you to analyze.

Maybe your dog does not like the toy but prefers toys in general, in this case JACKPOT for you as this will greatly facilitate the task.
How to have a player with his toy dog?

After finding the perfect toy for your 4 legged companion, the second step is to get your dog’s attention so he is interested in his toy.

For best results, I recommend for several days to start playing with him outside distractions and preferably during and after an education session or training as playing with her dog reinforces the positive result of the exercise performed.

Dogs love to work about 3 minutes and then enjoy a relaxing game and resume practicing if you decided. It is in this way that the dog will be happy to know because his mind will be oxygenated by power recreation.

Here’s an example: you call your dog in a park, he comes back to you as soon you give him his reward game (ball, frisbee …). Remember that a dog is rewarded more likely to come to his master, in fact I had written an article about why and how to reward his dog?

Teach his dog to gradually become player


  1. Keep your dog on a leash for a few seconds and tease him with her toy but without giving
  2. Then throw his toy for a few meters, wait until it goes to him, then grab it before your dog take it. Be demonstrative that he’s interested in!
  3.  You can use a wizard to throw the toy you take turns.
  4.  Wait patiently for your dog loses interest in the toy and looks at you.
  5.  Say “fetches” and allow it to play with his toy. Encourage him by saying “Yes good dog”
  6.  If your dog does not turn from his toy in about thirty seconds, back away slowly to increase the distance between the dog and the toy. When your pet is up to you, say “fetches” and let him get his toy.
  7.  Repeat this exercise daily, watch the goal is not to saturate or force the dog to play, so I suggest you focus sessions very short game (about 10 seconds, no more).
  8. Part 8 games of the reward should always be brief, no more than 10 seconds.


Like I said above, if your dog is not really receptive to this award by the toy, you can find something else such as food or hugs.
Why never force a dog to play?

If your dog is determined never to become player in its life, do not worry, it does not matter because our friends, the dogs, are loving animals and all the time you spend with them to congratulate them verbally and physically after exercise … is already in attention and rewards.

Forcing his faithful 4 legged companion to become player like the neighbor’s dog is a big mistake because you’ll get a degraded complicity and everything else will follow (trust me on this one).

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